Rossa is passionate about recreating the true, authentic taste of Italian gelato ice cream and only uses the finest and freshest ingredients in each and everyone of its flavours.

Black Cherry

Following a traditional Black Forest recipe known as Swartzwalder Kirsch, only the finest cherries are picked and cooked into a fresh, shiny Black Cherry compote, before being delicately folded through a thick vanilla ice cream.

Crème Caramel

A smooth caramel sauce is swept through a silky egg custard ice cream to recreate this this much loved and classic French dessert.


The finest Belgian chocolate is carefully melted and whipped into a thick vanilla ice cream to create a rich, smooth and luxurious chocolaty gelato.


Blending thick gelato ice cream with the renowned Illy coffee grounds, a strong, real coffee taste is created in this Italian favourite.


The finest green Sicilian pistachios are crushed into a paste before being blended with a smooth gelato ice cream to produce a rich, nutty flavour.

Strawberries and Cream

Combining fresh strawberries with a smooth strawberry compote and a creamy vanilla ice cream brings the taste of summer to life in this British favourite.


Soft velvety and chewy ice cream with macerated vanilla pod brings a touch of luxury to the world’s most popular flavour.