How it all started

Descending from Antica, a small village high in the Italian Apennine Mountains, Raphael Boccarossa and his family came to the UK in 1896, bringing with them an entwined Italian desire for silky, smooth and luxurious ice cream.

The very same year, they started recreating the famous homeland gelato, in their new home in Leicestershire, with the same inherent Italian passion for quality and exceptional flavours.

The ice cream was at first sold in the family’s café, the Japanese Tea Gardens, in the centre of Leicester where it was instantly adopted into the hearts and souls of all those who tasted the new foreign delicacy.

As word of a new style ice cream spread, so did the demand, and at the turn of the century the family changed their name from Boccarossa to Rossa to make it easier for their amassing customers to pronounce.


The tradition continues today with the same passion and commitment to quality, using only the finest, freshest ingredients to create a superior ice cream.

Rossa wants to share with you the taste of Italian gelato complimented with some of the most delightful flavours from around the world. Providing the perfect treat for any occasion where a little luxury is required to make it all the more special.